Here, this morning.

I waddle over to the most decent coffee shop on the block after missing my bus, seeing an opportunity with every plot twist that we call the daily grind.

I order my favourite coffee, and wait patiently as my eyes glaze slowly over the baked goods selection behind the counter, finally caving and deciding to 'treat yo-self'.

As I stand there, in this coffee shop as the hustle and bustle of suits and active wear mill around me I look up and get lost in the glitzy music video dancing across the screen.

"And I think, would 

it be so bad?"

And I think, would it be so bad? Get up at the crack of dawn, put on a standard uniform of over-sized tee and denim and be the morning savior of the locals, pumping out 100 flat whites before 10am?

The simple life. I would have my regular's sharing their life story each morning and practice the art of small talk with the rest. After my shift, I could slap on my bikini and head down to the water or go for a hike in the nearby reserve.

"The simple life."

The words 'corporate ladder' and 'career goals' barely heard over the gurgling of milk frothing and blown away by the strong winds as I sit and watch bright blue waves crash against the eroded headlands of where I am quiet.


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x pinchee

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