Stop fucking complaining.

Let me give some context to the above. There is nothing wrong with being frustrated or stressed from time to time. If these are feelings that can be channeled into acceptance or solution thinking, then you have trained your brain to be more successful than most. #mentallyfit

Most people can relate to being in a situation time and time again where you hear best friend/family member/ co-worker voice the same problems over and over. You can feel yourself getting really frustrated listening to it, and its not by a lack of care. I know I have put the same friend/ family member/ co-worker under the same mental chains.

"Complaining gets you 

absolutely nowhere."

Do you know what I've come to realize? Complaining gets you absolutely nowhere. In fact, it actually creates a negative space for you to mentally live in for others not just yourself. Like I mentioned above, having the capacity to recognize stress/frustration as a trigger for positive change is a skill I am only just beginning to understand.

Complaints however lack that recognition to do something about the situation you're in. It is merely a place for you to dwell on the experience you have labelled negative/wrong/frustrating etc. And we all know how much misery loves company. Next time you are put into a similar situation above, take a look around you; are you surrounded by complainers?

"And we all know how much 

misery loves company."

This negative state of mind does not allow one to progress or better oneself. When you think of someone you admire or look up to, ask yourself how you think they spend their time? Complaining or accepting their situation and getting shit done?

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x pinchee

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