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I'm sure you've heard of a myriad of new products and trends ever since Kim K mentioned the word 'contour' where you've been unsure of where to start or how to replicate. Well there's a new trend on the scene, and its not all that hard to do; since it's a technique that celebrates your own unique features, rather than changing them.

It's called draping.

Yes, like how your grandma's old floral curtains drape to the floor in her living room. This trend is a nod to the 80's when colour was big. Not to scare you though of images of Madonna in her hey-day; draping in 2017 means adding a soft feminine glow to your look so its far from overwhelming. The colour 'drapes' from your angles, hence the name.

To master this look you will need a solid base, a dome powder brush and 2 blush colours. You will want to start with setting your base with a good powder, so that when it comes to adding colour, it does not catch in areas and blends seamlessly.

"The colour 'drapes' from your 

angles, hence the name".

Next up, you want a dome shaped brush which will help you with your application. A dome shape, as opposed to a flat powder brush, allows the colour to disperse in a graduation. Meaning, your colour will start with the most intensity in the center (where the dome is the highest) and lighten as you buff it out.

The reason you will want more than one colour to play with is due to the softness of this look. Having a lighter shade to buff and blend out means you will never have any harsh lines and you won't be able to see where the colour starts and ends. Experiment with pastel pinks and peaches on lighter skin tones and rose/ plum tones on olive/deeper skin.

You should concentrate the colour to define the face such as through the socket/ crease of the eye, temples, high point of the cheek bone and a little through the hair line and under the chin if you are up to it. Always start off slow and add more product as you blend it out. Always tap off excess before you go anywhere near the skin for the love of god!

To intensify the look, you can go in with the same original colour but using a smaller brush (such as a highlighting or eyeshadow brush) to increase the saturation of colour.

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Team this look with a glossy lip, truck loads of mascara and a textured brow to keep this look modern and not a blast from the past.

What do you think of this beauty trend? Would you be interested to know what products I reccomend? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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