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I like the concept of considering ones own actions or thoughts as experimental or even playful as opposed to being a failure. The whole perception of failing at something not as a failure but just 'giving it a go', is refreshing.

Imagine if you tried something new; like a career change or moved to a new city. You know, big-life-decisions that you wouldn't take lightly. You invest a lot of time, effort and thought into it only to find it is not working out for you. Devastating, right? All that, for nothing.

"The whole perception of failing at something 

not as a failure but just 'giving it a go', is refreshing."

Well, what if you're wrong there? What if it was an experiment, a trial; and it wasn't for nothing? That changes things, doesn't it? Its not so devastating anymore.

The time/ money/ mental and physical effort has not gone to waste because you were just giving it a go. "Giving it a go" has less pressure and finality associated with it. You wouldn't feel as bummed if you thought to yourself, "I gave it a go, its not for me" vs. "I'm a failure, I have failed at this".

We put so much pressure on ourselves to make the right decision and figure out what we're supposed to be doing; I don't know about you but it makes me feel miserable and ultimately affects my self-worth. And you know, what? This solid view of permanence means we don't get to fully enjoy and appreciate the here and the now.

"Giving it a go has less pressure 

and finality associated with it."

When a life choice doesn't work out, we should accept it and try something else; move on. When a life choice doesn't work out and we look back at that time as horrible and wish it didn't happen, isn't that a waste? Like, what are you doing wasting your life, wishing it away? The thing is you are not wasting your life; that's just life, man. Success takes time, hard work and learning from your mistakes. Perfection is only a state of mind that can change at any point in time so you will never be satisfied with perfection. Insert 'pot of gold at the end of the rainbow' metaphor here.

Be satisfied with the here and now; where you are happy and enjoying 'giving it a go'.

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x pinchee

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