When was the last time you took some time out? I'm talking actually stopping whatever it is your doing; get away, go offline, spend time being by yourself? Well, I just did and it was long overdue. Last time I left the country was 5 years ago. On a Contiki tour. Hardly what one would call 'relaxing'.

I highly recommend it.

I mean, when it was all locked in and planned, I didn't even know how to act! Of course, everyone would be excited at the prospect of a holiday and oh boy, I was. I realized though that I'm probably not the only one that struggles to 'switch off'. Every minute of every day spent thinking of what we should be doing. We need time to reset and focus on just...being.

After breaking away from my phone; I had to let the world know what I was doing of course, and install raging jealousy into people as it has been done to me basically my entire life (Its out of my system now, don't worry). I spent time not worrying about anything and remembering what really makes me happy. It's funny how a new environment can give you perspective.

I think I had been asked by everyone, "Are you travelling by yourself?"

Yes, dammit!

It was the best thing ever. Sure, there were some activities where I thought it would have been fun to share the moment however I wouldn't have had the same outcome from my trip had I not gone solo. #whatwouldjuliarobertsdo

"We need time to reset and focus on just...being."

The whole 'island time' business is a real trip though.

The bad thing is when they keep you waiting because you are not on island time! However, does it even matter that life is at a slower pace? I think there is definitely this notion that every minute of your day needs to be filled. If you are not being productive, what are you doing with yourself? I cant decide whether that is wrong or right. Either way, it doesn't matter if you are enjoying yourself.

 Is it just me, or island life really is for me?

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x pinchee

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