Ah, language. The power that words can provide us to vocally shit all over another person's argument and perform wordsmith wizardry. There is no better example of this than in the workplace. The more you try to out-do yourself with careful word selection, the higher you climb on the ladder we call 'corporate shit talking'.

To commemorate the end of another year in the office, here are but a few of our favourite gems, collected from respective workplaces throughout our careers and our own [gasp] mouths:

These words are working really hard. 
EQ (a.k.a Emotional Intelligence) 
Best practice 
'Suite' of 
Discussion deck 
High level view 
Let's marinate this idea 
Take it offline 
Source of truth 
Champion of process improvement 
Socialize that concept 
Deep dive 
Helicopter view 
Touch base
Configure the functionality
IP (a.k.a Intellectual Property)
mapping the architecture
Allocating resources
Legacy product
Communication breakdown
Pain points
Sanitize the data
I'm rolling off this project
Have I equipped you with what you need?

I bet you filled in the blanks after reading some of those, huh? Which ones are you guys guilty of? Feel free to add to the list!

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x pinchee

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